The work of accreditation on-site evaluators. Enhancing the development of a profession

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The purpose of this study was to explore the work of on-site evaluators in the physical therapy accreditation process. Specifically, this research investigated how the accreditation on-site visit may serve as a method for defining the dominant values of a developing profession. A set of criteria selected from the literature describing the process of professionalization served as an operational model of professional values for the study. The model served as the framework for analysis and categorization of the professional values that evaluators emphasized during the on-site visits. The qualitative data collection methods of interview, nonparticipant observation, and document analysis were used in contructing case studies of five physical therapy education program accreditation visits. Results of this research indicated that on-site evaluators represent an elite community within the field and share similar values about the profession. These shared values about the professionalization of physical therapy formed the basis for evaluators' interpretation of accreditation standards. Evaluators' emphasis on the professional values that focus on defining and validating the body of knowledge in physical therapy and faculty endorsement of the norms of the academic work place have implications for the continued professionalization of physical therapy.

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