Measurement of the photon structure function F2ψ at Q2 from 7 to 70 (GeV/c)2

M. Althoff, W. Braunschweig, R. Gerhards, F. J. Kirschfink, H. U. Martyn, P. Rosskamp, W. Wallraff, B. Bock, J. Eisenmann, H. M. Fischer, H. Hartmann, W. Hillen, A. Jocksch, H. Kolanoski, H. Kück, V. Mertens, R. Wedemeyer, B. Foster, E. Bernardi, Y. EisenbergA. Eskreys, K. Gather, H. Hultschig, P. Joos, B. Klima, H. Kowalski, A. Ladage, B. Löhr, D. Lueke, P. Mättig, D. Notz, D. Revel, E. Ronat, D. Trines, T. Tymieniecka, R. Walczak, G. Wolf, W. Zeuner, E. Hilger, T. Kracht, H. L. Krasemann, J. Krüger, E. Lohrmann, G. Poelz, K. U. Pösnecker, D. M. Binnie, P. J. Dornan, D. A. Garbutt, C. Jenkins, W. G. Jones, J. K. Sedgbeer, D. Su, J. Thomas, W. A.T.Wan Abdullah, F. Barreiro, E. Ros, M. G. Bowler, P. Bull, R. J. Cashmore, P. Dauncey, R. Devenish, G. Heath, D. J. Mellor, S. L. Lloyd, G. E. Forden, J. C. Hart, D. K. Hasell, D. H. Saxon, S. Brandt, M. Dittmar, M. Holder, L. Labarga, B. Neumann, U. Karshon, G. Mikenberg, A. Montag, R. Mir, A. Shapira, G. Yekutieli, G. Baranko, A. Caldwell, M. Cherney, J. M. Izen, S. Ritz, D. Strom, M. Takashima, H. Venkataramania, E. Wicklund, Sau Lan Wu, G. Zobernig

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We have measured the process e+e-→e+e-+hadrons, where one of the scattered electrons was detected at large angles, with Q2 ranging from 7 to 70 (VeV/c)2. The photon structure function F2 γ(x, Q2) was determined at an average Q2 of 23 (GeV/c)2. The measurements were compared to theoretical predictions of the Quark Parton Model and Quantum Chromodynamics. In both models a hadronic part was added. Within the errors the data are in agreement with the QPM using quark masses of 300 MeV/c2 for the light quarks. The data also agree with a QCD calculation including higher order corrections. A fit yielded a {Mathematical expression} value of 140-65 +190 MeV, where the errors include statistical and systematic uncertainties.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)527-535
Number of pages9
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 1986
Externally publishedYes

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  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)


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