Bone histomorphometry in transiliac biopsies from 48 normal, healthy men

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Investigators and clinicians use bone histomorphometry data from iliac bone biopsies to study bone abnormalities in diseased patients, and to understand the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical interventions. This requires access to a high quality normal data-set to be used for comparisons, a resource that has not been adequate to date. The objective of this work is to present static and dynamic bone histomorphometry data from transilial bone biopsies performed on 48 healthy males, evenly distributed between ages 45 and 75. In addition, we compared these results with results from our earlier study in normal postmenopausal women (Recker et al., 1988 [1]). The data include bone density and anthropometric measurements, micro-CT, and a collection of serum biochemical measurements. We found that several of the histomorphometry variables were correlated with serum measurements, i.e. serum testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Micro-CT variables were correlated with the static histomorphometry variables, and were very similar. Age-related changes were observed for both histomorphometry and Micro-CT, but were surprisingly small in most cases. Comparisons with our previously reported histomorphometry data from normal women were surprisingly similar, but there was a significant age by gender interaction in the wall thickness (W.Th) measurements, i.e. there was a small increase in this variable with age in men, and a significant decline with age in women. The population selected for this study, and the prior study in normal women, were carefully chosen so as to rule out the presence of clinical, life-style or other confounding factors. While the cohort chosen herein was a convenience sample, and not a population-based sample, we believe it can be used as a reference standard with proper precautions in its interpretation and in its comparisons with diseased populations.

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